Meet David

David Ross, a seasoned professional baseball player, has sustained multiple hits to the head throughout his career.

During an afternoon game in May 2013, David took consecutive blows to the head from high-flying foul tips. After taking a week off to recover, he returned to play and was again struck in the head by a high-speed foul ball.

This time David immediately knew something was different. His wife, Hyla, also noticed a significant change in his mood.

David showed symptoms of dizziness, headaches, and intense mood changes, including anger, sadness, and anxiety. His team referred him to the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program.

In June 2013, David traveled to Pittsburgh to work with Micky Collins, PhD,, and the clinical concussion team. He underwent testing, including vestibular ocular motor screening (VOMS), to identify the severity of his injury.

The UPMC concussion team developed a personalized rehabilitation program to help David recover. The plan allowed David to play an active role in his recovery, and independently take the necessary steps to improving his health and getting back to the game he loves.

After three months of hard work, David was symptom free and permitted to return to his team. His family, fans, and supporters cheered him on as he took the field to catch during the final out of the 2013 championship series.

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